The Genoardo Park Hotel is the right place for your wedding..
...we take care of your business 9 meeting rooms of different dimensions without pillars to accommodate also big meetings Internet access in common...
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Delight your senses


There are no translations available.Non trovate la soluzione adatta alle Vostre esigenze? Visitate l'Hotel Baglio Conca d'Oro, Palermo

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Genoardo Parh Hotel

In the extraordinary set of the fertile citrus garden of Conca D'Oro, whose name comes from Arabic gennet-ol-ardh (Paradise on Earth), just outside the city centre, the Park Hotel delight your senses with natural sceneries, unique perfumes and unforgettable tastes in a typical Mediterranean atmosphere.

Ideal accommodation for your needs, place of escape, travel compendium, land to discover or just simply place to stand, the Genoardo Park Hotel wants to be your home extension in the garden realized from Ruggiero II, the first Norman King.

Genoardo Park Hotel, delight your senses.


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There are no translations available.Sale per ogni esigenza, le tariffe adatte, la buona cucina, ampi spazi e i servizi congressuali. 

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